The Global re-Vision Network
Absolutely vital to The GLOBAL re-VISION Network's ability to create and supply new and existing clinics is our ability to warehouse and ship eyeglasses. We have spent substantial amounts of time and resources finding the best collaborators and partners available.

Central to this need has been one of America's top-rated trucking companies, the D.M. Bowman Company of Hagerstown, Maryland. ( They have generously provided all of our warehousing, pick-up and delivery needs. They have moved all sizes of shipments both short and long distances.

Outside the U.S. we have the great fortune to have the assistance and friendship of Hiram Cervera the head of Agencia Aduanal Cervera, customs brokers in Progreso and Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico ( Hiram is our liaison with domestic and foreign government customs agencies, shipping, trucking and port companies.

At the current time, GLOBAL re-VSION is putting an emphasis on establishing more new clinics in Mexico. Financial and eyeglasses resources permitting, we plan to rapidly expand the number of countries we serve. Recent discussions indicate the promise of establishing substantial shipping and transport facilities across the globe.